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The filip project was my first music project.

Later on I started a band called Feed Me Stars.
Songs from that project and others can be found on soundcloud.

If you want to get in touch, find me on facebook.

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I still have some CDs of Peregrinate The Circle. Please contact me on facebook and I will send one for free.

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The archive with all filip songs is here.

As you might have noticed, nothing is happening here anymore. You can find me on facebook these days.

Lots of great things happend in the last few months. Started a new project called "Feed Me Stars" recently together with some friends. For all who want to hear more singing and vocals by filip, check out the FMS-MySpace page. Sorry for everyone who wants to get more filip solo stuff - I'll be working on the Feed Me Stars project the next couple of months.

I'm happy to announce the official production of a limited edition of "Peregrinate The Circle". Available: end of november this year. So, get your own CD! order PTS here

Hey friends, long time no see. Can't believe its 6 months since I wrote something here. I was kept busy with some websites and life... you know. Musically I'm moving into soundtrack more and more. Seems like this is my destination. I put a new song online, it's called "Love Sixpack", quite sad. I also uploaded a new song called "Your Blood (is just as red as mine)". This one is much of triphop with vocals. Have fun listening and let me know what you think!

We had our first "with cello" session yesterday. Lukas does his job very well and it's really funny to watch him perform songs like "mystic trees" or "wooden rocks".

Hey ladies and gents! I got a database set up with all published songs from filip by now. Have a look at the Archive!

I got some things sorted... now the tracklist for album 2 is fixed and things get in shape. Release date: summer 2006!

Hope you all had a good Christmas time! I was wondering if anyone out there was thinking of the origin and original meaning of Christmas...
Right now I'm at my parents place in Salzburg. I'm little depressed and bored, so I think I will drive back to Graz soon to make some music.

I stopped working on the video for 8 because I got the chance to make the soundtrack for a short movie.

A good friend of mine, a guitar player, came by last night and we listened to "Wooden Rocks". He liked it so much that he wanted me to burn a CD with 20 copies of the song on it :) heh... freak! But gets me motivated.

An early version of "Wooden Rocks" is online now. Lot of piano and strings... classic.

"Antony and the Johnsons" is one of my favorite musicians. So I did a cover of "Cripple and Starfish". Online at the player. More new songs (8, Swayed by a Dream, Wooden Rocks) online soon.

I'm soooo busy. Sorry for no-new-songs-for-such-a-long-time, I will publish some cool stuff soon. Promised! :)

Thanks for all the guestbook entries. It really makes producing new songs much easier and keeps me inspired. At the moment we're working on a video for a very new song called 8. It will be released as soon as it is done :)

Last weekend was a good one. 4 new songs in 3 days. Thanks Si for the good work you did playing the guitar in some of the new songs.
I put a new song to the players playlist; it's called "glimmering lights". Sit back, relax and enjoy the song.

It's been a great summer till now. I experienced lots of weird stuff. You won't believe it anyway if I'd tell you more details :) At the moment I'm working on a quiet, quiet song called "made up story". Clear vocals + halo-background... preview soon at the player.

For all who like it more the rock-way i slapped out some electro-rock track called Track-X. Preview at the player.

A new site is online. I tried to keep its feeling wide and inspiring. Hope you like it!

Filip reachable now at: www.filip-sound.com (thanks to wukonig.com!)

Been fishing last weekend. Some new cooperations with Si. Preview to the second CD ("precise distance") soon.

Review in a styrian magazine called korso.
For a online version (german) click here.

Filip tries to keep his songs thoroughly attached to what he feels.
To get inspiration he takes nature, people around him and things that happen to him. Anything that comes close to his feelings, is transported to audio.

A lot of songs are available for download:

(all songs: MP3 @ 128kbps or 256kbps)

Filip's recent life experiences form quite a story. A talented young man, awash with emotions. Love, pain and hope. His songs reflect his struggles between the highs and lows, ups and downs.

The project was founded in 2002. There were 2 records, the second album (checkered like a chessboard) and third album (soundtrack for no movie) were never finished :)

I wrote all songs by myself. I got support from some great musicians, especially Si (England) playing guitar lines in songs like "next moon" and "single".

Features and cooperations can be heard in the archive under "checkered like a chessboard".

Hardware (back then)
cold diaphragm condenser mic, Fame SKEC005W
midi master keyboard: Evolution MK-449C
headphones: AKG K240 Studio
monitors: Alesis M1Active 620
interface: M-Audio Firewire 1814

Fender Malibu SCE NAT

Software (back then)
Propellerhead Reason
Propellerhead Record
Cakewalk Sonar
Steinberg Cubase

Peregrinate The Circle - Tracklist (20-12-04)

1. peregrinate the circle (intro) (02:02)
2. battology as usual (03:06)
3. spring time tear (03:24)
4. part of mine (06:00)
5. evasion (05:27)
6. live bait (02:48)
7. leaking thought (03:53)
8. serious (outro) (02:21) + bonus track